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Cascade Medical Transports (CMT) was established in 2008 by a group of local physicians that recognized the need to provide non-emergent medical transports for the residents of Central Oregon.

In 2012 CMTO was purchased by a former employee, and is now known as Cascade Medical Transport of Oregon, LLC (CMTO). Cascade Medical Transports of Oregon expanded their services to include transportation via ambulance, wheelchair accessible, and ambulatory vehicles.

CMTO provides a unique service in the Central Oregon community. We help all local Fire/EMS services in Central Oregon by taking calls that might keep them from responding to 911 emergencies. We transport stable patients requiring medical assistance between hospital facilities, care centers, or private homes so that the fire and EMS departments are freed up to respond to on-scene 911 incidents.

In addition to providing basic medical attention, CMTO has fully equipt advanced life support ambulances and employs highly trained Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians. CMTO primarily serves the Central Oregon community. However, we also take regular trips to Portland hospitals for patients requiring specialty care and provide long distance transports throughout the western United States.

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